The Hindu Tradition: Readings in Oriental Thought edited by Ainslie T. Embree

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This book, compiled from basic Hindu writings, is an exploration of the essential meaning of the Hindu tradition, the way of thinking & acting that has dominated life in India for the last 3000 years. Selections from religious, literary & philosophic works are preceded by introductory material that summarizes historical developments & cultural movements. While much attention is given to religion, many selections deal with social life, political relationships & the Indian attitude to love & passion. The arrangement of the material suggests the growth & development of Indian life thru the centuries, & makes clear that Indian culture has never been static, but rather has been characterized at all times by a remarkable vitality & creativity. The selections range in time from the Rig Veda, composed around 1000 BC, to the writings of Radhakrishnan, the former Indian President. They illustrate both the continuity of the Hindu tradition & its vitality, for Hinduism is probably more vibrant at the present time than it has been for many centuries. The ideals & values, the unquestioned assumptions & the persistent doubts that are presented here from the literature of the past are the fundamental ingredients of the life of modern India.

Vintage Books, 1972.
ISBN: 9780394717029. 363 pp.
Paperback. Very good.