About Us

We are antiquarian booksellers and writers working from our little bookshop in London, Ontario. The texts we love are bizarre and charming: true crime, the occult, fine literature, artist's books, local history, erotica, counterculture, Canadian art, and comic books. Most of all, we love books and we are here to share that mutual love with you.


Our shop is an oasis of bibliophilia in downtown London, Ontario. We are settled in a lovely neighbourhood of old houses, active students, arts and culture. We keep the light on for books in our quiet little city. Our space is well organized but also packed with delightful titles. But, frankly, our customers are what light up the space. Fascinating people come through our door, or correspond with us online or by snail mail, and this shared love is what keeps us going.

Punfest Puners Perform at Brown and Dickson Bookstore

Punfest 2019 (fundraiser for CHRW Radio Western)

A beautiful work of art displayed at the Bad Art Festival III (with LondonFuse)

Altogether we're busy, dedicated folks, and are always ready to hear from book collectors, events organizers, or eager arties looking for a place to call home. Please do drop us a line if you're interesting in learning more. And do say hello if you're in the neighbourhood!

A freelance writer, editor and local historian, Vanessa Brown is the author of The Grand Old Lady: A History of Hotel London and (written with Jason) London: 150 Cultural Moments which was published by Biblioasis in 2017. She is also a murderino, and wants to remind you to stay sexy and don't get murdered! Her latest book, The Forest City Killer, was recently published by ECW Press.

Jason Dickson has been a used and antiquarian bookseller for the last twenty-five years. His book London: 150 Cultural Moments (written with Vanessa) was published by Biblioasis in 2017. He's the author of three spooky ghost stories (all published by Bookhug) as well as curator of the retrospective exhibition Raw spotlighting the extraordinary work of xerox/zine/print artist Michael Bidner. His most recent title The Demon Book was published by Baseline Press in 2021.

Brown and Dickson is a member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of Canada.