A Guide to Old English by Bruce Mitchell and Fred C. Robinson

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This updated seventh edition retains the structure and style of the popular previous editions, and includes two new, much-requested texts - the Cotton Gnomes and Wulfstan 's Sermo Lupi ad Anglos - and two new appendices: A List of Linguistic Terms Used in This Book and The Moods of Old English. The book is composed of two parts. Part One presents an introduction to the Old English language, including orthography and pronunciation, inflexions, word formation, and an authoritative section on syntax. This is followed by an introduction to Anglo-Saxon studies, which discusses language, literature, history, archaeology, and ways of life. Sound-changes are treated as they become relevant in understanding apparent irregularities in inflexion. Part Two contains prose and verse texts, most of them complete, which fully reveal the range that Old English offers in subject matter, style, and emotional intensity. Full explanatory notes accompany all the texts, and a detailed glossary is provided.

Blackwell Publishers, 1986.
ISBN: 9780631136255. 320 pp.
Softcover. Very good.